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SynerZen®, regenerate, clean and purify the ambient air!

Cleaning method of ambient air, by hydrodispersible plant extracts (which disperse in the air humidity) in the form of diluted essential oils.

The SYNERZEN® fountain is a biophysical combination which joins water and plants to ensure air hygiene, without using filters or chemical perfumes.

The extraction of enriched water is regulated spontaneously according to the ambient air humidity, should it be too low.

The oxygen, which is mobilised thanks to the plant complex, enables the destruction of bad smells and with that an effective purification of the room volume of the workplace or home, by cleaning the air. 

SYNERZEN® is an air cleaning device which neutralizes pollutants of everyday life, thanks to 100% pure and natural essential oils. 

The SYNERZEN® fountain attracts impurities present in the air, and envelops the molecules which are causing the bad smells by forming compounds with them. The resulting lack of oxygen accelerates their natural decay process. At the same time, sulphides, which are characteristic for smoke smell, are transformed into odourless compounds.

Because good breathing, is healthy living!

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Dimensions : height : 20 cm - diameter dome : 27 cm - diameter cistern : 20 cm

For an immediate effectiveness, every fountain is delivered with 1L of SynerOIL, 1 measuring cup and a manual sprayer for punctual use.